San Miguel County Goes Into Code Red

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SpaceX Docks with the ISS

December 8, 2020

     A future of commercial space travel became closer to reality when SpaceX’s shuttle, Crew Dragon,...

How Telluride Ski Resort Manages During The Pandemic

December 4, 2020

     The Covid pandemic has Telluride Ski Resort facing a challenging ski season. With limited lodging...

The Effect Covid 19 has had on Substitutes

December 4, 2020

     One of  COVID-19's biggest impacts on our community has been on our school. School is currently...

Try Ice Fishing: You’ll be Hooked!

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How Covid-19 Has Affected the NBA’s Health and Income

December 8, 2020

     The NBA has changed tremendously since the Covid-19 virus hit. Coronavirus cases have gone up...

Covid-19 Has Completely Changed Telluride’s Local Sports Community

November 16, 2020

     Covid-19 has changed the way telluride sports are being run and played. Covid-19 has impacted...

Toxic Ski Wax: A Slippery Slope for the Environment

October 28, 2020

     Exactly how damaging is ski wax to the environment? According to there are as...

Lil Uzi Vert and Future Release Their Newest Album: Bluto x Baby Pluto

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Rockin’ the Rona and the Boogie Woogie Flu: Festivals Close Due to Corona

November 16, 2020

     The festivals of Telluride are just one of the many facets that make the town what it is. After...

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