Taiwan Train Derails Killing Over 50 and Injuring Dozens

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The Burning Truth about the Amazon Forest.

March 30, 2021

     For years, the Amazon rainforest was known as the "lungs of the earth." Now, as climate change...

Recent Boulder Shooting Leaves 10 People Dead

March 23, 2021

On Monday, there was a mass shooting at a King Soopers grocery in Boulder, Colorado. The suspect has...

NASA’s Sixth Most Expensive Robot Lands Successfully on Mars!

March 12, 2021


The COVID Madness of March Madness

Recent Sports Stories

Staying Safe and Hitting Homeruns, The MLB’s New 2021 Season Guidelines

March 12, 2021

With the Major League Baseball season just around the corner, the season will go on as usual, but...

Try Ice Fishing: You’ll be Hooked!

December 11, 2020

       Winter is here and ice fishing season has begun! What is ice fishing, you ask? It's...

How Covid-19 Has Affected the NBA’s Health and Income

December 8, 2020

     The NBA has changed tremendously since the Covid-19 virus hit. Coronavirus cases have gone up...

The Psychology of Music in the Pandemic

Recent Entertainment and Music Stories

Connecting People Through Music During Pandemic

March 26, 2021

     Through the pandemic, connection with other people has proved to be difficult, leaving many to...

37 CSGO Coaches Banned For Glitch Abuse

March 23, 2021

     In late 2020, a dangerous glitch was discovered in the popular Esports game, Counter Strike:Global...

End of a Techno Era: Daft Punk’s Sudden Disbandment

March 19, 2021

     If you enjoy techno rock, house music, and other various forms of electronic music, it’s likely...

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