Nugget Theatre to Reopen


Ryder Wells

The Nugget Theatre closed for repairs.

Ryder Wells, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — The Nugget Theatre is a historic building that adds to Telluride’s uniqueness. It’s the town’s only movie theatre, and gives tourists and locals alike a blast from the past with its one screen and 2D projector.

But last November, it closed suddenly for repairs. 

The unexpected closing happened due to building inspectors finding more structural work than they expected in this historic building,” Luci Reeve, owner of the theatre, said.  “This happens often.”

The original plan was to reopen mid January, 2020. As January came and went, however, it was announced that the construction was delayed.

“The longer time frame for the closing happened due to more problems showing up and unexpected construction supplies that had to be ordered and delivered. That is why we were unable to have a definite reopening date,” Reeve said.  “Now that we know about the delivery and construction dates we are hoping to open by the first of February.”

Camden Thomas, a sophomore at Telluride High School, works at the Nugget.

“[Now] I have nothing to do Monday. I get bored,” Thomas said, who usually works both shifts on Mondays.  “I’m disappointed [it’s closed[. I love working there, so I’m very glad It’s reopening soon.”

Luke Jones, a THS junior, also works at the Nugget and is looking forward to the reopening. 

“I don’t really do anything else, so the closing annoyed me a bit,” Jones said. “My favorite part of the job is [watching] the movies. I also really like popcorn.”

The Nugget Theatre will reopen Jan. 30 with a special showing of the film “Hot Dog the Movie” as a special KOTO event.