Dance PE


Satya Baca-Gomberg

THS Dance PE reflections

Satya Baca-Gomberg, Jr. Editor

TELLURIDE–When you walk into the intimate studio on Thursdays and Fridays, Keri Sutton’s fitness playlist blasts, getting her dancers amped for class.

Dance P.E. is an physical education option for Telluride High School students who don’t want to participate in skiing.   It is one of the many options offered besides skiing, giving students choice in how they would like to participate in physical education during the five week course, from 1:15 to 3:15 p.m.

Sutton, the dance instructor, has been teaching at the Palm Arts since 2012. Sutton says that she started off by teaching one class per week but now is fully involved, teaching a total of 14 classes a week. 

“Some days I do not feel like dancing, but once I get into the studio with all the dancers there is just this energy, and dance helps me get through life. It’s about expressing yourself and moving your body and loving your body, and it definitely relieves stress,” Sutton said. 

Dance P.E. is an upbeat class that challenges students to the absolute maximum with high intensity Zumba combinations.  It includes choice for students to present combinations to the class, and even experiment with making individual or group choreographies.

Sutton says that dance P.E. is a fun combo because it combines fitness and dance and allows students to relieve stress.  “We play really awesome music and then the second half of dance P.E is similar to a jazz class,” Sutton said. 

The class ranges from beginner to advanced and welcomes all dance levels.

Arabella Galbo, a junior who has been enrolled since eighth grade, says it’s a wonderful environment to be a part of.

“I have been in dance P.E. since eighth grade year.  This year it is a lot smaller than the past years, but honestly, I kind of like that better because we are so supportive of everybody else,” Galbo said.  “We are all so sweet to each other and we all just kind of think about each other’s needs, like if someone is super tired then maybe we can do a meditation that day or if somebody needs to do kick-boxing, we can do that and what not.” 

Galbo said this year they have learned jazz, kickboxing, some contemporary dance and hip-hop.

“I just wish people would do it too because I feel like a lot of people don’t know about it and how fun it is,” Galbo said.