Photo courtesy of Morgan Smith

Caroline Lucarelli pulls Connor Krell to victory

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

RIDGWAY — As a community, the people in Telluride and its surrounding towns have always found fun and interesting ways to bring us all together.

From Jan. 10-12,  Ridgway hosted a skijoring event where THS senior Caroline Lucarelli placed first alongside Connor Krell. Lucarelli pulled Krell while atop her horse, while Krell maneuvered through the course on skis.  

This event is an out-of-the-box way to bring skiing and horseback riding together.

“This sport brings together two very different crowds, and they bond over the spirit of competition,” Lucarelli said.  “For me this is really cool because I’ve been a skier and a rider all my life.”

This competition demonstrates the inclusivity of Telluride and the surrounding area by allowing people from two different walks of life to come together. 

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