THS Adopts New Dress Code


THS Today Staff

THS sophomores Emery Berry, Ava Hagan, Kaleigh Reggiannini, Tatiana Peccedi and Thorne Harcourt give the new hat allowance a thumbs up.

Nick Denesik, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE– Students for years have been trying to rebel against the hat rule in order to wear hats. 

In early January, student council rolled out a new dress code, one they had been working on for several months.

As part of the new dress code, students are now allowed to wear hats, among other changes.

Sara Lopez, THS student council advisor and Spanish teacher, said the previous dress code was out-of-date and needed to be changed.

“The dress code was focused very heavily on females and how old it was,” Lopez said, giving context for why the changes were initiated. 

Lopez said changing the dress code was a long process and included input from both students and administration.

Sam Morell, a THS student council member,  started the process by looking at other dress codes from other schools.  After deciding that Portland High School had a good dress code, student council presented their ideas to staff, received feedback, and finally went to the school board for approval.

Students, it seems, all are for the changes.

THS senior Roc Repola said hats allow him to express himself. 

“I think that now that it’s changed, I can really express how I feel about how I feel,” Repola said. 

A caveat to the hat rule is that students must remove his or her hat if asked by a teacher or administrator.  Some students have been resistant to this. 

“Personally I have not had any problems with the hat rule, but I have heard that some students are stubborn if they are asked to remove their hats,” Lopez said. 

English teacher Bonnie Emerick said that hats can become an issue when they distract other students and limit the student’s vision, and that students should be kind and respectful.

“I don’t think it’s a question of should.  I think students just need to follow school rules, and if the teachers ask them not to wear hats then they shouldn’t wear hats,” Emerick said in response to whether or not students should wear hats.

Other changes to the dress code include fewer restrictions regarding shorts and tank tops.

Lopez said that the old dress code was very outdated and was gender-specific towards females.

“The [new] dress code is more gender-neutral,” Lopez said.