Telluride Unites for Women’s Rights


Courtesy of Kelly Boykin

THS High School Democrats of America use their voices to unify for change. From left to right: Sam Almoney, Wiley Holbrook, Sydney Murray, Sadie Steinberg, Chloie Plumber, Didi Earthtree and Lulu Pumayalli.

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — Telluride High School students, along with friends and neighbors took to the streets like a stampede, vocalizing their passions and carrying posters in the name of women’s rights and equality.

For centuries women have been protesting, asking our citizens to take responsibility for gender inequalities.  Jan. 18 was no different.  Telluride joined women across the nation in a march for change.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the march were the young voices in the crowd.

“I think that for myself, and many other young women across the nation, the women’s march represents opportunity,” Sydney Murray, a THS senior who spoke at the event said. “These marches are an opportunity to fight for equality of the sexes, and to show anyone who has ever doubted us that we are not going anywhere.”

THS juniors Sadie Steinberg and Chloie Plumber also spoke, delivering a unifying speech for people of different backgrounds called, ‘Why We March.’  Plumber, Steinberg and Murray were first approached by Melanie Montoya of the Progressive Women’s Caucus of the San Juans to get involved with the Women’s March.  Montoya invited the girls to lend a student voice at the march, and helped them write their speech.  This was Murray and Plumber’s second year to speak and Steinberg’s first year.

Murray pointed out that every voice matters, even those in small communities.

“Fighting for equal pay, rights to proper healthcare and the right to an abortion has to start somewhere, and I think that Telluride is a perfect example of that smaller starting point,” Murray said.

Members of the High School Democrats of America made and decorated their signs during their club meeting time on Wednesdays at lunch in Kelly Boykin’s room.  Each student took on a personally relevant issue with their sign.

This event brought together dozens of community members and allowed us all to stand and fight for a similar passion.

“Marching down main street  in January chanting gives me chills. I look around and see so many amazing people from our community unifying all for the same cause. I was always taught growing up that if you want something, you have to make it happen. This march, for me, allows me to start working towards that goal,” Murray said.

These inspiring and uplifting words allow the community and every individual to motivate around passions and dreams in an unforgettable moment, where the community comes together to fight for change.