Student Spotlight


Photo courtesy of Kris Perpar

Tyler Perpar carries the puck down the ice during a competitive hockey match. Perpar was invited to play with other athletes from a collection of mountain towns in China last year.

Johnny Wilcox, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — Currently halfway through his sophomore year of high school, student-athlete Tyler Perpar is being spotlighted this month for his outstanding performance in both athletics and academics. 

THS sophomore Tyler Perpar was born in Montrose, but has lived in the town of Telluride for most of his life. The three varsity sports he plays throughout the year are soccer, hockey and lacrosse.

Coming from Telluride, Tyler claims that his favorite season is the winter.

“It’s the best because I can ski and play hockey at the same time,” Perpar said.

At a recent league-wide hockey tournament, Perpar received the honor of being an all-star player by the league for his impressive statistics. Perpar presently plays left defensemen on the Telluride Miners varsity team. He began playing at the age of 5 and has been building his skills since.

Perpar has even dedicated himself outside of regular-season practice, participating in camps during the summer as well as Christmas break to stay connected with the sport. Although he plays three sports throughout the year, Perpar claims that hockey is his favorite. 

“I enjoy hockey because I love to skate and I like the intensity of the sport,” Perpar said.

Beyond sports, Perpar is also an exceptional student and socialite of his grade. One of the most difficult things to juggle for most dedicated student-athletes is the balance between school work and sports. Tyler has been able to balance his school work and sports very effectively.

“I put distractions like my phone and other things away until I have completed the work that I have to get done,” Perpar said.

Being able to prioritize his academics has been an integral part of Tyler’s success in his classes. Tyler also displays this drive around his friends.

“Tyler is a very hard working person,” said Tate Young, a THS sophomore and one of Tyler’s close friends.

Being that he is only a sophomore in high school, Perpar has two more activity-filled years ahead of him. 

“I am very excited about making new friends and progressing more in my athletics,” Perpar said.