Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE– Who likes to work with clay? Who likes to get their hands dirty? Ah Haa has a class for you.

The Ah Haa School for the Arts offered a Ceramics Boot Camp for the entire month of January from 6 to 9 p.m., four days a week.

Tara Carter is one of the ceramic instructors.

“This program is a great refresher for people who have taken a wheel throwing class before and are looking to sharpen up their skills,” said Carter. “It is also a great opportunity for those who are wishing to improve their abilities to throw pottery on the wheel.” 

The camp was a great way to become comfortable wheel throwing and a great way to meet new people and learn what it means to do ceramics.

“Ceramics Boot Camp is a month-long class where students receive a combination of instructor-taught lessons and solo open studio hours to improve their wheel throwing skills,¨ Carter said.

During week one, students learned how to throw on the wheel.  Week two consisted of trimming.  Week three students returned to throwing, and finally during week four, ceramics were finished and glazed. 

For more information on upcoming Ah Haa classes visit https://www.ahhaa.org/calendar/.