New Opportunities for Gamers


Landon Kusuno

THS Gaming Club

Landon Kusuno, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — What are esports? Esports are video games played for competition and entertainment. Esports can be watched on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, MGL, and ESPN. With esports on the rise, there have been many new opportunities for gamers to pursue their passions. 

Local gamers at Telluride High School have worked together to start their very own esports club. Starting as a place for students to engage in their favorite games, the club has turned into a competitive gaming club.

High school math teacher Joe Baffoe has taken charge of the club.

“Now that esports is a CHSAA (Colorado High School Activities Association) sanctioned activity we have really tried to focus on competing but also having a good time,” Baffoe said.

The team meets on Mondays at lunch to play and discuss their games. The club currently holds around a dozen members, who all enjoy gaming.

Following the 2019 school year, CHSAA decided to include esports into their list of activities. Esports are similar to other high school sports in that you compete against other high school kids.

This year kids will be competing in Rocket League, League of Legends, and Smite. Since esports are online there are no travel costs needed for this club.

CHSAA’s esports seasons run from October-January and February-May. This gives gamers lots of time to compete and grow their skill level.

As esports have become increasingly more popular across the country, there have been many new opportunities for student gamers. Today more than 30 American colleges and universities have a university esports program. Schools such as Harrisburg University only compete in collegiate esports. Gamers now have many different options when it comes to taking esports to the next level. NCAA collegiate esports teams have become very popular. With chances for scholarships at many colleges, gamers can now look to put their skills to work.

Students at THS are having a great time gaming.

“I like the esports club because it gives us more time to play games. It’s also fun to compete against other kids,” THS senior Owen Murphy said.

Owen was one of the first high schoolers to help bring gaming to this school.

Baffoe said that even as the club continues to grow, they are looking for more members.

For more information on the club or how to join, contact Joe Baffoe at [email protected]