Winter Formal on Ice


Courtesy of Chris Murray

THS Students Dance Around the Ice at the Winter Formal

Johnny Wilcox, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE–Telluride High Schools invited THS students to bring their moves to the Hanley Rink in Town Park for its first-ever ice skating Winter Formal in January.

Unlike most dances in the past, this event brought eager students to the Ice. At the rink, there were rental options for the students, which allowed any students looking to skate for the first time to get on the ice. Instead of suits and dresses, the student body wore beanies and puffy jackets to skate laps around the ice.

Without new and expensive dance attire to worry about, the students at the dance could let loose at this year’s winter formal.   

The unique idea for a dance on the ice originated with THS student council vice-president Grace Ringstad.

“At a recent hockey game before the dance, I heard a group of students talking about wanting to get on the ice so I figured this would be a great opportunity to get the school together and students to try ice skating,” Ringstad said. 

In total there were over 100 students who attended the winter formal. This is a big success for student council, who had been planning this dance for over three months prior to the date. Student council sponsor Sara Lopez was somewhat skeptical at first of the new idea but supported it through to its execution.

“It was our first time having this kind of dance, and new ideas aren’t usually very successful. This was an exception and people seemed to really be having fun,” Lopez said.

Beyond the executives of the student council, the student body also embraced this unique opportunity to get on the ice. THS sophomore Ava Hagan was one of many sophomore students to attend the dance on Saturday night. 

“I would definitely go again because it was a fun change compared to regular dances that I’ve been to in the past,” Hagan said.

In addition to being a fun social gathering, THS’s 2020 Winter Formal gave a good opportunity for many students to try out something new. Even for the very experienced skaters, this gave them the chance to showcase their abilities to the rest of the student body, flying around the ice during the dance. 

Overall, the dance was considered a great success which may suggest it has a strong future in THS tradition.