TAB Student Fashion Show


Kaden Katz

Students feature clothing donated by Mountain Film.

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE- In the 1980s, AIDS terrified the world and affected thousands of communities, families, and individuals. Although this disease has not yet been cured, there are different kinds of medication that allow people to live symptom free. Yet these medications are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. The goal of Telluride AIDS Benefit is to educate, raise money to make paying for these medications easier, and motivate people to get tested for HIV.

Telluride AIDS Benefit hosted a Student Fashion Show on Thursday, Feb. 20. The show was meant to inspire people to change the HIV stigma and educate the community on the presence of HIV.

Danika Petit, student director, and Lucy Wesson, head choreographer, were assigned by Jessica Heady to lead the show and to compose a theme.

“The imagination that went into the concept of the show and how Danika and Lucy have worked together to bring that concept into the material reality of what the show is actually going to look like is sublime,” Heady, fashion show producer and THS teacher said. “It’s what you call other level greatness.”

The theme, ‘Love is the Future,’ steers our attention towards acceptance, openness, compassion and the social barrier regarding HIV/AIDS. This theme was first introduced in the opening film created by THS seniors Grace Ringstad and Kat Ballode, media and design managers. 

“Elaborating on the theme ‘Love Is The Future’, Grace and I wanted to make a commentary on external and internalized oppression in the past [through] my black and white half and the future [through] Grace’s colorful half. Many of my scenes have hands either pushing Sophia [Bridger], the main character, down or enveloping her.” Ballode said.  “In the final scene, Sophia, in black and white, reaches her hand out to be grabbed by Danika. Once their hands touch, the video turns to color again, solidifying that theme of love and acceptance being essential to the future of HIV’s social perception.”

There was a total of 27 lines, which featured fashion donated from local businesses including Jagged Edge, Sublime, Two Skirts, Fuel, The Drop and many others.

Kaden Katz
THS seniors Natalie Bowers and Lindsey Osborne model clothing donated by The Drop.

This annual event allowed THS students to participate in something bigger than themselves, and assist the community and the population carrying AIDS.

Kaden Katz
THS students, ranging from sophomores to seniors, introduce the 2020 student fashion show.

Heady said that this year’s fashion show raised $10,000 through ticket sales alone.  Clothing worn during the fashion show will also be sold, with all the proceeds going towards Telluride AIDS Benefit. A trunk show will take place on March 2 at the Sheridan Opera House.

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