KOTO Fundraising Season


Ryder Wells

KOTO celebrates Guest DJ Day with ski legends

Ryder Wells, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE- KOTO Radio is one of the staples of our little ski town: a non-commercial, non-underwritten, community radio station that has been entertaining Telluride for 45 years.

Naturally, running the station costs money. That’s where fundraising season comes into effect, and KOTO asks the community to give back to the radio station.

The current fundraising season kicked off on Friday, Feb. 21 with a ‘Guest D.J. Day,’ where local ‘ski legends’ were invited to play their favorite songs in an effort to raise money.  Several different groups of local ski legends came into the studio to play music for about an hour each. This a great way to show that Telluride has community.  

Ryder Wells
Guest DJs show KOTO can be a family event

Cara Pallone is the executive director of KOTO.

“The money will go to our general operating fund. That’s basically what keeps the lights on at KOTO,” Pallone said.

Pallone said that individuals should find their own reason to donate.

“For some people [KOTO is] companionship, for some people it’s the music, for some it’s information or news, a lot of people tune in for emergency notifications. So, I think, there’s a million reasons for why you should donate,” Pallone said.  “It just depends on what you get out of KOTO.”

Ben Kerr is station manager and studio director.  He said KOTO hosts about 80 regular DJs and hopes to raise $60,000 dollars.

“The basis [of fundraising] is to get the DJs onboard and have them reach out to their listeners. Every show has listeners: their friends, their family who can contribute to their show,” Kerr said.

The fundraising season ended March 6.  Kerr said the cost of running the station is about thousand dollars a day.

In addition to ‘Guest DJ Day,’ the station also hosts a Street Dace in April and a Duck Race in August to raise money.

For more information on how to donate, stop by the the station at 207 N. visit the website at www.koto.org, or call (970) 728-4333.