Kobe Bryant: A True Legend

Dillon Sheehan and Bo Zanardi, Staff Writers

Kobe Bryant passed away on Jan. 26, 2020. He was flying in a helicopter to a basketball tournament that he was hosting. Bryant influenced millions of people.

Bryant was 41, and he retired from the NBA in 2016. Bryant was a leader and never stopped trying to influence people on and off the basketball court. He was extremely influential to most athletes because of his work ethic. 

He is known for helping create “mamba mentality,” or a constant quest to seek out answers and an infinite drive to be better.

Kobe was also always ready to compete at his highest level, whether playing against Michael Jordan as an 18-year-old or dropping 60 points against the Utah Jazz on his final career game.

His daughter, Gianna Bryant, was in the helicopter with Bryant and seven others.

Gianna, who was only 13, was committed to playing for the University of Connecticut women’s basketball program.

South Livermore is a member of the THS basketball team.

“Kobe helped motivate me to always work my hardest, and watching him was always extremely entertaining,” Livermore said.  “It is so sad that he passed away so early and he will always be remembered for his work ethic and impacting the game on and off the court despite injuries.”

Livermore is one of millions of young athletes who have been inspired and motivated by Kobe.

Telluride dedicated its a game against Ridgway to Bryant and came out victorious.

THS basketball coach, Brandon Bredlau, appreciated Bryant’s grind and message,

“The Mamba Mentality is known around the world, and Kobe was a role model for so many athletes,” Bredlau said.

THS athletic director Chris Murray, remembers Bryant as the hardest working person on the planet.

“Nobody worked harder than him, on and off the court he was always putting in work and pushing himself to be better,” Murray said.

Bryant will be remembered by athletes worldwide for his work ethic and positive message. Countless professional athletes and celebrities like Lebron James and Shaquille O’Neal, among others have taken to social media to show their respects to Bryant, mourning his death.

Many NBA players and teams have shown their respect by mimicking Bryant’s dunks, taking 24-second shot clock violations because that was his number, and dedicating games to Bryant.

This article is in remembrance of Kobe and Gianna Byrant; John, Keri, and Alyssa Altobelli; Sarah and Payton Chester, Christina Mauser; and Ara Zobayan. May they rest in paradise.