Spring Break


Satya Baca-Gomberg

Many Telluride residents trade in skis for swimsuits and spend Spring Break by the pool.

Satya Baca-Gomberg, Junior Editor

 TELLURIDE– April 6 marks a much anticipated day.  It is is the first Monday of spring break: a prime time to socialize with friends, take time for yourself and experience new adventures.

Telluride School District will close down for a two week vacation, where students and teachers will rest up and rejuvenate.

Many schools across Colorado have a one-week spring break.  Telluride, however, has two.  The spring break is timed with the closing of Telluride Ski Mountain, and marks the start of off-season.

Alex Jones, Telluride High School counselor plans on staying in town and traveling. 

“I will probably travel to Boston  with my son to visit family because they’re going to move soon.  He likes the city,” Jones said.  “Then the other week I don’t know yet.  I’d really like to do some spring activities like hiking, biking, fishing, that kind of stuff.”

Spring break is a very special time of year for everyone to take a much needed hiatus. 

THS senior Rudy Cano-Reyes says he plans on staying in town and working at his mom’s restaurant, Esperanza’s.

 “I think I am going to work in town and stay here for the full two weeks,” Cano-Reyes said.  “I‘m most looking forward to being outside, for once, when it is not cold and doing activities.  It’s just good to be outside.”

According to an article published by USA Today in February 2017, the idea of spring breaks can be traced back to  Greek and Roman celebrations of spring that honored new beginnings.   

Here in the San Miguel county we celebrate surviving winter, the nearing of spring and the certainty that summer is only six weeks away.