THS Mentorship Class

Landon Kusuno, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — Telluride High School offers an array of great academic classes for students, one of which includes the opportunity to gets hands-on work experience.

Mentorship is a course designed to expose kids to the professional world so they can get an idea of a future career. THS teacher Heather Rosen has been teaching this course since 2007

The class gains in popularity every year.

Students such as THS senior Roc Repola and junior Liam Scanlon took the opportunity to explore future careers.

Repola is mentoring with Tara Carter at the Ah-Haa School For the Arts, learning all he can about throwing clay. 

“I wanted to mentor in an area that I found interesting,” Repola said. “After throwing clay at the High School I thought it would be fun to improve my skills.”

Scanlon was enrolled in the class last semester.  He mentored with Kristine Perpar at Shift Architects.

“I decided to do a mentorship as an architect because I thought that it would be an interesting option to explore,” Scanlon said.  “I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to explore this field of work. My favorite part of my mentorship was designing my own surf shack in Hawaii.” 

Though this course has many positives, Rosen says students should remember that with increased freedom comes increased responsibility.  

“The biggest challenge while teaching this course is when students don’t take responsibility for themselves and their mentorship,” Rosen said.

The course is unique in that there are no tests or quizzes, but there is a big project at the end of the semester. The project incorporates information and pictures of the mentorship throughout the semester.

Stay tuned for how to see these amazing projects.  A presentation in the THS lobby was originally scheduled to take place on May 19 and 20.  Now that THS is doing virtual learning, it is not decided how the projects can be viewed by the public.  For more information email Heather Rosen at [email protected]