Statewide Teacher Strike


THS Today Staff

THS Staff make signs and talk to KOTO in hopes of bringing awareness to a lack of educational funding in Colorado.

Satya Baca-Gomberg, Junior Editor

TELLURIDE– On Thursday, March 19 teachers and staff of the Telluride High School were planning on using their voices and protesting teacher pay at the state capitol. 

Because of the CoronaVirus pandemic, the strike was cancelled.

Colorado is currently one of the lowest ranked states for teacher pay out of all 50 states regarding educational salaries. 

TMS counselor Sarah Baffoe was planning on attending the strike.   

“So it is occurring because Colorado is currently the 49th or 50th lowest ranked payer or the lowest ranked payer of education, salaries in the whole United States,” Baffoe said.

Baffoe said that historically, the local Telluride community has helped absorb many of the state cuts to education, by passing bonds and mill levies to raise money for our schools.  The time has come, however, for the state to be help accountable.

Further information on how the teachers will proceed after the social isolation mandate will follow.

“The day of action is the day where we are all just uniting together to bring awareness,” Baffoe said.  “We are promoting some bills that are coming though for the next voting session to help better teacher salary and better use of state funds for educators.”