Coffee Cart


Courtesy of Brittany Picard

Fintan Cole and JB Batten manning the new THS coffee cart

Rafael Gutierrez, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — THS Transition Program is helping special education students develop life skills, as well as providing hot beverages to the school population through the its newly implemented coffee cart.

During first break Monday through Friday, students and teachers can purchase coffee for $2.

Brittany Picard, THS special educational teacher started the program.

“The purpose of the coffee cart is to teach job skills to some of my students and to prepare them for after high school,” Picard said.

Rafael Gutierrez
Brittany Picard and JB Batten sell hot coffee to THS students and staff.

Picard encourages students and staff to bring their own cups to reduce waste.

THS freshman JB Batten is one of Picard’s students.  Batten helps Picard manage the Cart as one of their responsibilities. 

Picard says the ideas developed after she heard of it during one of her trips to a school near Denver. The program enables students to work on business skills and prepare them for a job experience in the future.   

The coffee cart is in operation during break in the cafeteria hallway, and offers both a dark and medium roast coffee from beans purchased from Steaming Bean.

The program also includes a “pay it forward” program so that people who have more than $2 can buy coffee for those who don’t have enough money.

In the future, Picard says they will also offer tea and other products for purchase.

On a good day, Batten said the cart brings in about $20, or sales from eight to 13 cups.

The Transition Program is also collecting donations for the Paw Club, which will go to the Second Chance Humane Society.