THS Track

Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, high school sports have been postponed or cancelled, affecting many athletes.

As spring was rearing its head,  the Telluride track team was taking advantage of the warm and sunny days by getting outside and running on the Telluride bike path.

They started off the season planning on attending a meet hosted at the Montrose High School on March 14.

Now, if athletes want to train, they can do so from the confines of their houses or in isolation. 

This year was looking good with an increased enrollment of athletes.  More freshmen joined the team this year, setting Telluride up for a good looking future.   THS freshman Cole Paczosa is one of them. 

“I joined track and field so I could get in better shape for this summer when I ski. I planned on running the mile and the 400-meter dash during the track season.” Cole said, adding that he plans on running track for all four years of his high school career. 

This track season was originally scheduled to include nine meets, including the State Championship, held in Lakewood, Colo.

Lily Graves has been competing in track since she was in sixth-grade. 

“It’s crazy that I’m already a senior and this is my last year,” said Graves. “It went by very quickly.” 

Graves competes in the long jump, triple jump, and the 4×100 relay. Last year Graves went to the State competition, where the girls 4×100 team placed third overall, and also broke the school record. 

Due to COVID-19, all the spring sports were postponed until at least April 6.

THS seniors who participate in spring sports were saddened by this news, but they continue to look forward to the future to see if spring sports will come back.