Presidential Candidate Information for 2020 Election

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

As the presidential candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties have come to a close, the question many new voters are wondering is who to vote for.

Obviously each voter should support the candidate that is the best match in their values and policies.  Provided below is some background and details on each candidate. Here are the top runners for both the Republican and Democratic Parties:

Bernie Sanders (D)

This 78-year-old Democrat is one of the front runners for his party, and ran in 2016’s presidential election.  Although he lost his lead to Hilary Clinton in 2016, he has again joined the race coming up against Joe Biden. According to ‘Business Insider,’ Sanders grew up in Burlington, Vt. He is a big supporter of universal health care, green energy, and creating an easy pathway for immigrants to become citizens, according to John Haltiwanger.  Sanders is the definition of a pure Democrat and Libertarian. He is charging into the future with big ideas for change and equality.

Joe Biden (D)

Born in Scranton, Penn., Joe Biden is 77 years old.  He ran for the Democratic nominee in 1988 and 2008. Like Sanders, Biden supports universal health care, strict gun control, and wants to act on climate change and brighten our future, according to Katie Glueck who writes for ‘The New York Times.’

The biggest difference between the two front-running Democratic candidates is that some see Sanders as too far left because his ideas are very liberal. Biden is a more moderate Democrat.

Donald Trump (R)

Donald Trump is 73 years old, and has been the president of the United States of America for the past four years. In that time, he has improved America’s economy, implemented border control policy with Mexico, and has almost gotten impeached for his blackmail to Ukraine.  His policies are conservative and authoritarian.  Trump wants to enforce more of his ideas in the future and complete some of his old ones as he runs for president in 2020.

The candidates running for president in 2020 will battle it out until November, when each citizen will vote. In 2016, many people around the country didn’t vote at all, and this was a problem because they didn’t use their voice to influence our government. 

Regardless of who people vote for, the bottom line is they need to vote.  Everyone has the power to speak up and let their voice be represented in the government.