Telluride LAX

Beck Lystad, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — As winter came to an end, THS lacrosse athletes waited in anticipation for the start of the lacrosse season.

Springtime marks the start of the 2020 season, and the team was ready.

With many new faces, everyone was excited to see the talent. THS senior Tommy Wells is a returning defender. 

“I am very excited to see how well we do this year,” said Wells, “I believe that we have a very good chance of doing really well this season.’’

Wells has been a starting defender since his freshman year and is a huge part of the team.  Returning head coach, Grayson Fertig is an experienced athlete who played lacrosse in his youth.  He echoed Wells’s excitement.  

“Our team this year is going far,” Fertig said. “We have a good offense that knows how to work that ball, and I know they’re going to do some great things this year.’’

Of course, all this was said before social distancing, the postponement/cancelation of high school sports, schools going online and COVID-19.   

We await further instructions from the comforts of our homes.