A Story From Ophir


Satya Baca-Gomberg

The sun sets in Ophir, giving residents an eye-full during social distancing.

Satya Baca-Gomberg, Junior Editor

OPHIR– In the history of our nation, there have been few epidemics that have had such an impact on everyday life as COVID-19 has.

Approximately one hundred and seven citizens call the small valley of Ophir home. With so few residents, the toll of a virus, especially a virus as daunting and intimidating as COVID-19, could be devastating.

Our lives have all been dramatically changed in a very short amount of time, and a lot of fear and worry has come with the changes. Up until recently, my parents would go to work and I would go to school, my brother, a 20-year-old university student would go to classes.  Now, however, we have been in quarantine for days, without any sign of leaving soon.

On Monday March, 9, my brother, Meshach Baca-Gomberg, and father, Michael Gomberg, felt symptoms of congestion, heavy chests and a slight fever and received testing.  We await the results.

Testing for the rest of the county by  United BioMedical Inc. will likely start next week.

Many more Ophir locals are taking further precautions to try and lesson the chances of getting sick, such as distancing themselves.  Walking is gaining in popularity as there are fewer methods of entertaining yourself these days.