National Guard in Telluride


Photo Courtesy of Jim Denny

National Guard and health personnel in hazmat suits perform COVID-19 tests in Lawson Hill.

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

Telluride– COVID-19 has the United States worried for the infant, elderly, and everyone with compromised immune systems.   On Tuesday, March 17, the National Guard came to Telluride to test 100 individuals who were deemed high risk and showing symptoms for this illness. Participants drove down to the Lawson Hill neighborhood to get their blood drawn, while limiting their exposure to others by remaining in their cars.

Residents remained in their cars as tests were performed by health care personnel wearing full hazmat suits. The results from the tests are expected sometime next week.  So far, only one confirmed case of COVID-19 has been reported in San Miguel County.

On Friday, March 20, San Miguel County posted one confirmed case of a 54-year-old resident with COVID-19. The fright and stress that this illness has caused our nation is extremely detrimental to our way of life. The biggest thing to remember is that social distancing is key if the nation wants to slow the transmission of COVID-19.

The National Guard left as quickly as they arrived. Although they only tested 100 individuals, the future looks bright for San Miguel County. Everyone is practicing social distancing and the community is at less risk of spreading the illness.

United Biomedical has taken action and will now give tests to all who volunteer in the county, according to There will be blood tests for all individuals and this test will determine if you have or had COVID-19 at some point. Telluride is fortunate to have this opportunity, and this is the first step to clearing this virus from the residents of San Miguel County.

It is very important to not meet in groups larger than ten people, wash your hands, and stay inside if you’re sick.

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