Home is Where the Fun is


Shannon Wyszynski

Mariam Hoover converts her bedroom into a virtual classroom to carry on business as usual.

Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — It has been a week since the students of the Telluride school district learned that classes would be going ‘online.’  The school closed, and the Town of Telluride soon followed, but for the students, it’s school like normal. 

For most, it’s a break from the commute to and from school everyday, but for the seniors, it’s a different story.  They are saddened by the idea of not seeing their friends every day.

THS senior Kaila Reloj says she misses her friends but continues to look at the positive side of things.

“I mean not seeing your friends can also be hard, but it is totally different seeing them in person rather than text, call or FaceTime,” Reloj said.

Now that Reloj doesn’t have to get up and commute to school, she says she enjoys waking up around 8:45  a.m. and likes the idea of doing online school because she completes more work.

“Online school for me at the beginning was a bit stressful, but later I decided to plan my work that I had to do and that helped me manage my time. I also think that online school gives me more time to finish my work. It feels really good to wake up later than I usually used to when we had to go to school,”  Reloj said.  “Now, every time I wake up in the morning I don’t feel tired because I can just do my homework while in bed or even just sitting in [my] room.” 

But for juniors, it is more stressful due to the fact that they might have to take the SAT online now.

THS junior, Kareena Hoover said the first couple of days of online school were a struggle, but as the week progressed, it became easier for her to manage her time and work.

“I managed my time by organizing each class and making a checklist while completing each assignment in each class in an unknown amount of time,” said Kareena Hoover. “Even though I have classes, I like to get outside to walk the dog and take photos of what I think is interesting.”

THS senior Mariam Hoover feels differently than Kaila Reloj. She thinks that online school is more stressful due to the fact that she isn’t in a school setting, making it difficult for her to focus on the assignments given to her.

“Most of the day I am catching up or completing assignments that are either do today or at the end of the week,” said Mariam Hoover. “But even though I like to get my work done, I still like to get away from the screen. I usually go downstairs to hang out with my family, get food, and say hello to my dog Luna and my cat Hope”.

These times of change and uncertainty are stressful for all of us, but we are all being supported by the people who love and care about us. We do have online classes to think about, but everyone should get outside to get some fresh air, take a walk, paint, draw, or take photos.