A Senior’s Perspective

Johnny Wilcox, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE–For those Telluride High School seniors who were looking for the perfect senior year experience, you may have to try again as the Coronavirus has shut down everything from school sports to the school itself.

If there was one word that could possibly describe the situation right now I believe it would be ‘surreal’, as what was once the plot line of horror movies and video games has now become our reality. THS officially went 100% digital on March 17. To say that this was an abrupt change to students’ daily life would be an understatement. What was once a day packed with different classrooms and socializing with peers has now become a single computer screen and a county-wide “shelter in place.”

For myself, I initially thought this break from regular school might be a somewhat welcomed surprise. I would have more time to ski, more time to play video games, and most importantly, catch up on the sleep that regular school had so viciously stripped away from me. It did not take more than a week for this ‘honeymoon period’ to quickly come to an end as the reality of the situation has now set in. With the mountain closed, skiing has become a much more momentous occasion, those same video games I was itching to play a week ago have now become exhausted, and all that precious sleep I was so excited to catch up on has resulted in a very augmented internal clock. So I think it is safe to say that I now have much more of a passion for the swift end of this pandemic and the restarting of our regular daily lives.

I am not alone in my opinion as many high school seniors have been expressing their discontent with the closure of the school, as well as an abrupt end to their regularly scheduled senior year.

Senior Tommy Wells, who was getting ready to begin his senior season of high school Lacrosse told me, “I fully support the closure of the school and all, but it is also very sad considering how much of our senior year has now been taken away. I was looking forward to my final season of lacrosse at the high school.”

Even though the school campus has been officially shut down, students are still communicating with each other through social media, which has proved to help the isolating effects of a self-quarantine. 

Beyond our school district, the state of Colorado has ordered that all public schools close their campuses from March 23 through to April 17 as concerns for the spread of the coronavirus in the United States grow. Although this is saddening news for seniors across the state, it also gives us some comfort knowing that we are now all a part of the battle against the pandemic. 

As THS does its part to combat the spread of this virus, it is important for everyone involved to take a step back from their realities and realize we are in the midst of history. At least for myself, I will surely be telling stories of my senior year of high school. Instead of claiming victory in my final game of lacrosse or taking a final stroll through my high school, I can now talk about how I was a part of the global initiative to combat the coronavirus.