People Cope as Coronavirus Spreads


THS Today Staff

Telluride schools transform from educational facilities into coronavirus testing sites.

Dillon Sheehan, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — On March 23, all Colorado schools were ordered to close down until April 17 to help fight the spread of COVID-19.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis also told schools to make every effort to provide alternative learning opportunities.

Connor Sheehan, my brother and a sophomore at Fort Lewis College said he was sad when Fort Lewis campus closed.

“Coronavirus is no joke. My college closed for the rest of the year, which was a bummer,” Sheehan said. “But the thing that impacted me most is that every sport is canceled so there is no more lacrosse which really bursts my bubble.”

COVID-19 prohibited gatherings of 10 or more people, affecting concerts, fairs, church gatherings, parades, sporting events and more.

This virus has impacted the normal day of people worldwide because jobs have been shut down and normal things like gyms and other communal things are closed because the government doesn’t want people all in the same place in hopes of stopping the virus from spreading.

Cage Soules, an 8th grader at Miller Middle School in Durango said he is missing his social life.

“Coronavirus has really changed my life,” said Soules. “I usually spend time with friends then go to basketball practice after school, but since the virus has become an outbreak, I haven’t been able to spend time with my friends, and my basketball season was canceled. I’m happy that school was canceled though”

As of now the San Miguel County orders residents to shelter in place for countywide coronavirus testing. Officials are testing the entire county free of charge.

Testing will be used to gather data on the coronavirus.