Quarantine: Hobbies and Activities to Pass the Time


Kaden Katz

Beautiful view of town from Tomboy hike.

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

Telluride– During the past few weeks, San Miguel County has been on complete lock down. The community has come together to help limit social interaction in hopes to slow the impact of COVID-19. As we have many more weeks to go, there are many activities and hobbies you can pick up during this time to enjoy yourself and make this quarantine lifestyle more bearable.

THS principal, Sara Kimble says she’s been trying to get outside.

“I have started snowshoeing.  It has gotten me outside and spending time with my family,” said Kimble, “I can’t be inside all day, we have to get outside for at least an hour a day. I think it is important to pick up a new activity because it helps with mental health as well as gets people outside, away from the screens and keeps spirits up. Trying something new feels good!”

As schools have moved on-line, teachers and students alike are finding themselves in front of the screen more than usual.

Getting outside in the fresh air is  good for your mental health and your body’s intake of Vitamin D.

THS senior Wiley Holbrooke says being inside all day takes away from his productivity.

“Dog walking has certainly kept me sane. I got into ski touring and I’ve been on the mountain three times this week,” Holbrooke said. “With Main Street empty, walking the dogs in town is like walking through the woods; no one is around. The dogs are off leash. It’s almost creepy but more so interesting. Being inside all day makes it very difficult to be productive. I miss even the bike ride to school, where the slightest bit of movement gave me the slightest bit of productivity.”

It is very important to get outside and enjoy some quality time with yourself during these times of social isolation. It is a good time to stay home, enjoy your free time and remain healthy.