A Junior Perspective on the Coronavirus

Ryder Wells, Staff Writer

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting your junior year?

As a THS junior, I’m feeling its effects in a big way.

While I have been able to manage my assignments, I still prefer “real” school. I get to talk to my friends more and it just feels more natural. Especially in math.

It’s strange to learn math online. The classroom environment just seems much more natural.

In addition, it has made film very different. In this class, we made movies in and around the school. We had professional cameras and it was very fun. Now we we don’t have the equipment nor can we gather together to act. 

I am also worried for the SAT and  finals. These are things I really do not want to do online. 

Virtual learning does have a few benefits, however.  Since I can work at my own pace and on my own schedule, I have had more free time, alleviating stress.

Overall this whole situation is fine. It’s for the health of our nation, and it is the right thing to do.