Upcoming movies to be released online.

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Upcoming movies to be released online.

Ryder Wells, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE- The recent quarantine has changed a lot in the entertainment world. Even just a month ago, going out to see movies was something people did every day and in large amounts. Now, no one is supposed to leave their house.

How does the movie industry cope with this? Well, many have been releasing their movies digitally. For example, the upcoming Dreamworks film ‘Trolls: World Tour’ is being released digitally on the same day it was to be released in theaters.  Pixar’s newest film ‘Onward,’ which was released on March 6 has already received a digital release and will be put on Disney’s streaming service Disney+ on April 3. 

Releasing movies digitally ensures these companies still make money, although not nearly as much as they would have otherwise.  It also helps keep people indoors in quarantine. I know that if I didn’t have such easy access to entertainment, it would be harder to stay indoors. 

The only real downside to this is that movies will not perform nearly as well in theaters, if they perform at all. 

The movie industry isn’t the only one providing new entertainment.  Many YouTubers are helping too. One such channel is the ‘Game Grumps,’ a channel with 5.23 million subscribers that has started doing daily uploads. Naturally, content varies but one common message is for people to stay home.  For young people, hearing this from a role model, as opposed to some guy on the news, can make it more powerful.

Quarantining can be hard for everyone, but there is a silver lining: entertainment keeps people indoors and distracts people from the terrible things going on in the world right now.