Spring Break: A Staycation

Beck Lystad, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — Tomorrow would have marked the first day of spring break.

With the remainder of the school year being online, a decision had to be made.  The decision to enjoy the two week spring break from the confines of home, or cancel spring break, and get out of school earlier.

At first, many students wanted the spring break, until they realized that they would have to stay inside regardless.

Riley Stetina is a THS junior.  “I am not too worried about not having a spring break,” she said.  “But, it would be nice to get out of the house earlier for summer break.”

Stetina still has her senior year spring break, so she is not worried about missing this one.

THS senior, Chloe Martleon, offered a different look.

“I am very upset about not having a spring break, but I am stoked about getting out early,” Martleon said.  “But, we still don’t get our graduation.’’

In this unprecedented time, everyone is being asked to remain flexible.  Spring break is cancelled, summer vacation will come early and how graduation will unfold is up in the air.