A Throwback to Last Summer

Beck Lystad, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE– As summer 2020 approaches, we take a look down memory lane with a throwback to last summer.

In 2019, THS senior, Dillon Sheehan, took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Sheehan said he loved the culture and the sunshine that Mexico has to offer. He stayed six days and five nights at the Marriott. Everyday was a new experience for Dillon.

On the third day, he went surfing for the first time.  “It wasn’t easy,” Sheehan said, “But giving up never crossed my mind.” 

After all the wave-catching, Sheehan decided that he wanted to try something else: fishing.

After only a couple hours, he said he managed to catch 15 different kinds of fish ranging from small to large.

Sheehan said he was grateful that he had the opportunity to go to Mexico. 

THS senior Toe Carmola also experienced an adventure of a lifetime last summer.

Carmola spent part of July 2019 outdoors with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). He said this trip was full of outrageous adventures like rafting and boating down the river.

“I went on a crazy long river trip down the Green River for two and a half weeks,” Carmola said, adding that after they launched on the river, they spent the days enjoying all that nature had to offer.