Senior Perspectives


Shannon Wyszynski

THS senior Mariam Hoover gets outside while social distancing.

Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — For many seniors, these are sad times with not being able to see friends before graduation. Due to COVID-19, spring sports were canceled, as well as prom. For the seniors who were getting ready to play sports, it came as a hard blow. Now with the new graduation set on May 14, the seniors don’t have much time left in their final year of high school

For Telluride High School senior, Mariam Hoover, emotions are complex.

She said she is saddened at the thought of not being able to see her friends before she leaves for college, but she is looking to the bright side.

“It’s nice noting having to get up and commute to school, but at the same time I miss my friends and one of the hardest challenges that I am facing right now is being able to understand the curriculum that is being given to me,” Hoover said. “I wish that I could get rid of COVID-19 or change the workload that is being given to kids.”

Lily Graves is also a THS senior.  She said she is devastated that track was canceled the day before the first meet for the team. In addition, she said she’s also sad about not being able to graduate normally by walking across the stage to receive her diploma. 

As seniors navigate these uncharted waters, most know that these changes are not the end of the world, and many are looking at the positive things in their lives.