Tiger King Review


Photo courtesy of Public Domain Pictures

Many students and adults alike turn to TV and movies to pass the time during the stay-at-home order.

Zach Weissman, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — As Hippocrates once said, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” I guess that’s my excuse for having watched at least 30 seasons of television since Telluride High School has been shut down due to COVID-19.

Recently, Netflix released a brand new TV show titled, ‘Tiger King,’ and oh my gosh, it might be the most glorious thing I have ever seen in my seventeen years on this planet.

The show is about a man named Joe Maldonado-Passage who goes by ‘Joe Exotic,’ and is a gay, tiger-breeding, libertarian from Garden City, Kan.

I know you’re already hooked. It’s as if Chuck Norris and Oprah had a baby.

Although the show is slow moving, we know that a tiger costs a mere three grand. Joe Exotic initially started this tiger business because of his love for the cats, but as the show progresses, you can see his attitude drastically changing.

The whole underground tiger breeding scene is full of the weirdest people of all time, and even the ‘good guys’ in the TV show are crazy. Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist, gets accused of having fed her ex-husband to her tigers, and honestly it seems like a very plausible thing considering her demeanor and reaction to the accusations were so nonchalant.

In this time of complete insanity, it is kind of relaxing to distract yourself with a different kind of insanity. ‘Tiger King’ is a must watch for all people who are bored out of their mind during this staycation.