Get Outside


THS Staff

Getting outside into nature can alleviate stress and remind us that during stay-at-home orders, nature is still very much alive.

Shannon Wyszynski, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE– Even though everyone is at home, there are still ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Nature is still bustling even though we stay at home most of the day completing school work or just hanging out.  

Telluride High School junior, Amalie Brimhall, said she has been busy with school work but has found time to take a break and go outside for an hour to get away from school and technology.

“I like to get out and go on a hike once a week. When I go one a hike, I bring my dog with me,” said Brimhall. “I try to get outside for an hour or an hour and a half.  I think it’s refreshing.”

Brimhall said that she likes being able to stay home but she misses her friends. 

Sarah Ireland, a THS sophomore, has also been busy with school work but said that she makes time every day to go out with her family on a hike.

“Every day I go on a hike with my family, even if it’s a short hike. I also like to bike a lot and soon I will be floating the river, once the water is higher,” said Ireland. “I also tend to read outside or help my dad with odd jobs.”

Getting outside allows her to de-stress from the worries in her life and stay in shape.

THS senior Emma Denny has been staying at home most of the time completing her classwork, but every day she likes to get out, depending on the weather, and go on a long walk or a run.

“I like to get out when I am done with my classwork and take a walk or go for a run on the trail behind my house,” said Denny. “I like to enjoy nature when I am outside.”

Denny said she tries to get outside for at least 45 minutes a day because she thinks it’s refreshing and it’s a great way to stretch your legs.