Test Results: Taking Longer Than Expected

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

Telluride–  As the volunteers in the community have completed the COVID-19 antibody tests, the results have been sent to New York to be processed.  More than 600 blood tests are still pending almost a month later.

The real question is: why are tests taking so long to get back to Telluride? Why does it take so long to get results back in general?

As of April 21, out of the 4,757 blood tests administered, 26 are positive, 70 are borderline and 4,661 are negative with 695 still pending, according to the San Miguel County website.  

This still means that the community should stay inside, as the stay-at-home order has not yet been lifted.

According to an interview NPR aired on March 28, there are several steps in receiving proper results from each test, and there is a shortage of tests, which complicates the process of getting results.

Labs are being overloaded with tests and experiencing coronavirus sickness as well, which also slows the process.

The second round of blood tests was to take place this month, 14 days after the first test but these tests have been postponed indefinitely, according to San Miguel County website.

These postponements and delays are causing some locals to feel unsure.

“The delayed test results have given my family a little bit of anxiety because they were unable to know their results,” said Telluride High School senior Niki Borland. “I would probably be doing the same thing given that stay at home orders are still in place, but my family and I would be much less worried. I think it has caused a lot of stress and I think there would be more flexibility in social distancing with those results in.”

The community is being patient for the test results to return, and in the mean time, Telluride residents continue to stay home and explore some new activities and hobbies to help pass the time.

For more information on cases in San Miguel County, visit https://www.sanmiguelcountyco.gov/.