Daily Life Post COVID-19


Photo courtesy of Telluride School District

TSD Modified Spring Calendar, included added "Miner Days."

Landon Kusuno, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — With schools and businesses shut down all across the nation, families are forced to adapt to the new living conditions.

School shutdowns have forced many schools to swiftly shift to an online learning platform. The Telluride School District made that shift very fast, offering online classes only two and a half days after closing its doors.

Zoom is an online video platform where teachers and students can conference.

After TSD decided to cancel the regular two-week spring break and end the regular school year two weeks early, teachers and students alike dug into online schooling.  Instruction will now end on May 13.

To ease the stress of teachers and students, TSD implemented four ‘Miner Days,’ where students and staff are encouraged to take a break and go outside to engage in safe and healthy activities.

Logan Petrie said Miner Days have given him more time to spend outdoors. 

“I’ve been able to get outside and enjoy some time on my bike,” Petrie said.

Cancelling traditional school in a classroom setting might have been a dream come true for some students at first, but now many are starting to feel the effects of online school and wish to return to the classroom.

“I want to be back at school among my friends and teachers. I also really want to get back to playing soccer with the girls,” THS sophomore, Ava Hagan, said. 

The graduating seniors of 2020 have lost the final quarter of their high school careers. With mixed feelings on being out of school, many seniors can’t wait to be off to college, while others want more time with their peers.

THS senior, Tommy Wells, said, “I am kinda bummed about the second half of senior year, but it’s quite the experience to have. I miss sports and the boys a lot, but I don’t miss the busy work that we have to do during normal school.”

While coronavirus continues to take a toll on the world, students continue to work from home, and with only days left of school, summer seems to be right around the corner.