Finding a New Routine From Home


Photo courtesy of Heather Rosen

Heather Rosen's uses a white board to keep track of her family's zoom schedule for the day.

Nick Denesik, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE– As students, parents, teachers and the entire community is under a stay-at-home order, people are finding ways to fill their days and stay busy.

Telluride High School senior, Jonah Jodlowski, has been keeping himself busy skiing and sledding and doing school work.  He says it’s hard to find a new routine. 

“I don’t have a set schedule for anything,” said Jodlowski. “A normal day would consist of sleeping in, then going for a run, doing some work on the computer, and then going outside.”

Sydney Murray is a THS senior who is going to The University of Texas in the fall.  She has been trying to stay busy by going into her garage and using her stationary bicycle.

“I can pretend like I’m back teaching my classes at Pedal Den,” said Murray. “When I get out of quarantine, I will probably go back down south for a bit and see my friends and family. I’m also super excited to get back to teaching my spin and kickboxing classes. Finally, I’ve planned to meet up with some friends I worked with two summers ago in the US Senate.  So, once all of this is over, I hope to see them soon.” 

Teachers’ lives are also much different than they used to be.

Heather Rosen, a THS teacher, said she’s been trying to manage her time and also spend time with her kids.

The bulk of my day is spent emailing, texting [and] Schoology messaging with students. It is hard to manage all the different assignments coming in at different times, so I try to only grade at one point each day or two, then if something comes in late I will fix it the next time I’m grading,” Rosen said. 

A set schedule for students is very different then it is for a teacher with kids.

With two young kids, we have to have a schedule. We have one whiteboard with Zoom times for the whole family. We each have to be in a separate room during zooms, and we are often all on at the same time in the mornings,” said Rosen.  “I have to set a timer to feed my kids every 90 minutes or they will get caught up in Zooms and school work and then get hungry and cranky and that ruins everyone’s day!”