Student Perspectives on Online Learning

Ryder Wells, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE- Going online has affected affected Telluride High School student body. 

THS Today wanted to know how the students of Telluride High School felt regarding the change. We conducted email interviews with four different students to ask them how online school was going.

Owen Murphy, a THS senior, gave us a quick update.  “I don’t like the new schedule as much as before. Also I find it hard to stay on track. I try to get all my work done in the morning, but I miss normal school,” Murphy said.

THS Senior, Max Gorraiz, offered another opinion. “I’m not satisfied in the slightest with how the school is handling this pandemic because it is stressing me out a lot.  It’s extremely hard to fit school into my schedule right now while I’m stuck fighting this with my family. The only thing I’m happy about is that they took spring break off the end of the year because I just want this to be over with.  I pretty much can’t fit school into my schedule. I work every single day so school is like a last minute thing for me. What’s more important to me is helping sustain my family so we can survives through this pandemic. It sounds dramatic, and yet I’m completely serious,” Gorraiz said. 

THS sophomore, Soren Hughes, said online learning is difficult. “I like how we’re ending earlier, but online is a major pain,” Hughes said. “I wake up, do work, eat, and then go to bed. Online is just harder. In real school, you can engage with your teacher, making it easier. My classes are going terribly.”

Nick Turrin, another THS sophomore, had similar opinions. “I like how we’re getting off early because online school is a pain and I find it harder than regular school. I like the new schedule. My classes are going okay, but they’re getting repetitive and I don’t like sitting in front of a computer all day. I just want to go back to normal school and see my friends and whatnot,”  Turrin said.