Adopt a Senior


Photo courtesy of Roc Repola

Telluride High School senior, Roc Repola, opens his “adopt-a-senior” package and finds lots of his favorite goodies.

Johnny Wilcox, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — With a new style of life, also comes a new way to celebrate the senior class of 2020. In addition to missing their final quarter in Telluride High School, many seniors are also missing the traditions that accompany graduation.

In hopes of boosting spirits and showing how the community feels about its seniors, Telluride School District has taken an alternative approach to sending the class of 2020 off in style and reached out to the local community for help.

“My heart breaks for the seniors and I knew our community would step up to honor them, and they did. I think the seniors deserve to be honored in every way possible,” THS principal Sara Kimble said, explaining how Adopt-a-Senior came to be. 

Adopt-a-Senior is a way for each student in the graduating class of 2020 to be “adopted” by a community members and, essentially, honored.  The program allows for the community to show the senior class how much they care by showering the adopted students with gifts, cards, flowers and other thoughtful gestures. 

A Facebook page has been created: Telluride High School Adopt a Senior – Class of 2020, where parents of seniors can put their children ‘up for adoption’ with heartfelt biographies as well as memorable photos. Seniors can be adopted by individuals or businesses.

Roc Repola, a senior from Telluride High School was adopted by retired TSD employee, Carolyn Jackson, and was more than happy about her amazing gifts.

“Even though the end of this year has been somewhat sad, knowing that the community around us cares this much has definitely helped my attitude with this unorthodox senior sendoff,” Repola said.

Beyond the Adopt-a-Senior program, the school has been thinking of any other ways to help honor the class of 2020. 

“We had yard signs and t-shirts made that we will be delivering next week,” said Kimble.  “There is a mural being painted outside the school as we speak. I am submitting plans for a standing parade and graduation ceremony. Those will have to be approved by the health department.”

In a time where circumstances are rapidly changing, knowing that the senior class is not being forgotten has helped many members of the class cope with this severe change. Surely, this year of celebration will be remembered for its obscure and new forms of honoring the senior class. 

“The class of 2020 is going to be an extremely resilient class that I am happy to honor,” said Kimble. “When I moved to Telluride, I saw how the community came together in a time fo adversity, and I believe we are lucky to live in a place where the community wraps their arms around those who need it.”