Where Were We a Year Ago?


THS Today Staff

One year ago, nobody could have imagined May 2020.

Bo Zanardi, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — The year 2020 has been action packed already, and we’re only four months in.

At this time last year, the biggest concern was actually the measles outbreak, where we experienced the second worst outbreak in the last 20 years. Now, we look at a much larger problem.  Instead of measles, the world is now experiencing a pandemic, something most people have never experienced.

The economy, sports world, social life, and pretty much everything else has been turned upside down.

April 2019, aside from the measles outbreak, was a quiet, average month. The change that just a year can make is unbelievable. We are now under a safer-at-home order and have spent eight weeks in our houses.

Even though they are starting to reopen, towns have been shut down and life as we knew it is yet to return.

Telluride High School junior, River Albrecht, like most students, is sick of the stay-at-home order. 

“This is by far the most bored anyone has ever been,” Albrecht said in an online interview. 

Sean Homan, a THS junior said it’s been a big adjustment for students to switch over to completing all schoolwork electronically.

“It has been a weird change, but I feel like after a few weeks of learning how to work with the different programs, I have been able to adjust,” Homan said in the final week of online school. 

Last year, nobody could have imagined that prom would be virtual and graduation would look like a socially distanced parade. Yet, here we are, living the polar opposite of last year, and making the best of it.