Virtual Prom


Kaden Katz

Kaden Katz dresses up for a dance in front of a computer.

Kaden Katz, Staff Writer

Telluride– As our community marches through this pandemic, we are beginning to see some “normal” being put back into place. For Telluride High School and its students, “normal” is not in the picture. As its students finish the school year online, we are hearing some rumors of a virtual Prom. THS student body president Jonah Jodlowski says more.

“Yes there is a virtual prom and it is being led by the juniors. This was the plan before quarantine and is still the plan,” Jodlowski said. “They will make a rough playlist but anyone can make song requests. You just have to call KOTO before or during the show. The phone number will be posted later this week. Basically on the night of prom, May 9, everyone will go to the KOTO website and listen for however long they want.”

As for Prom king and queen, Jodlowski said, “They are hoping to deliver the crown to the two’s houses that night.”

This Prom, although online, is still a way to connect with friends and classmates. THS principal, Sarah Kimble, said more.

“I think students look forward not only to prom but all that surrounds prom. Getting dressed up with your friends, taking pictures and enjoying time together” Kimble said. “While we can’t have a traditional prom we are looking for alternatives and creativity.”

This is important for the community at THS because it is a tradition we have had for decades. It is one last celebration before the summer the seniors’ last dance of high school.  THS homecoming queen, Niki Borland, talks about the importance of Prom to her.

“Prom is important because it’s one of the last chances for our senior class to be together,” Borland says. “Having lived here my whole life, it’s an amazing memory I want to have.”

Borland states that she will be attending the virtual Prom.

Although there are many changes going on in the world right now, it is good to know that the community at Telluride High School is staying strong and still following the traditions for the better of the students.