Instagram Takeover

Chris Murray and Sara Kimble take over THS Instagram as they visit the Baffoe’s house.

Photo courtesy of THS Instagram feed

Chris Murray and Sara Kimble take over THS Instagram as they visit the Baffoe’s house.

Landon Kusuno, Staff Writer

TELLURIDE — In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, students are trying to find new and creative ways to engage with one another while still being safe. Hanging out with friends face-to-face isn’t really an option right now, and students have taken it upon themselves to try and solve this situation. Students at Telluride High School have started the “Instagram takeover.” The Instagram takeover is where a student gains access to the Telluride High School Instagram page and blogs about what they are doing during quarantine. 

Students such as Henry Martin and Riley Stetina have opted to share their days with the student body.

“I really enjoyed taking over the instagram because it was fun to share my day with all of my peers. I also appreciate that through this pandemic our friends can figure out a way to interact via social media,” said Martin, whose  day on the Instagram account consisted of riding dirt bikes and mountains bikes on local back roads.

Many students like the idea of the Instagram takeover because it helps them feel connected with their friends. 

“I like seeing my friends on Instagram enjoying themselves,” THS junior Harry Reich said. “My favorite part about the takeover is that I can get new ideas for how I can spend my time while stuck at home.” 

The thought of doing an Instagram takeover started with senior Caroline Lucarelli. Among the viewers is THS social media liaison, Kat Ballode.

“It’s been super successful! I personally look forward to seeing classmates make them because I find them pretty entertaining. We started out mostly doing them to showcase our current Student Council and the candidates that were running for 2020-2021 student council positions, but other people volunteered for them, too! I think it gave everyone a bit of a sense of community while in quarantine,” Ballode said.

The instagram takeover has been a fun tool for staying connected. This makes it a great way to stay healthy and enjoy the company of friends.