Ski P.E: Will it Send?


     This year, as you may know, everything is uncertain.  From school to programs to clubs and sports, and almost anything else one could name, the way of the world is up in the air. Coronavirus has caused infinite cancellations and reevaluations of programs and events, causing stress and confusion to teachers and students alike in Telluride High School. Consequently, one of our beloved program, Ski P.E., is also up in the air! 

     Ski P.E has been one of the most amazing opportunities that is offered within our High School, and has been enjoyed by both students and teachers. During this pandemic, the change and transition of plans/ideas is the new normal.

     We have very little knowledge of what’s going to happen this year with our ski P.E program, and neither do our teachers.  Jessica Heady has been a teacher at Telluride High School for many years now, and has loved the Ski P.E program every year that she has participated. When asked whether or not she thinks that the program will happen this year, she doubts it. “With the current administration and its stance on the pandemic, I doubt we will see anything related to ski P.E.” We discussed this topic in more depth, where eventually, I asked what she would do with ski P.E if she was in a position of power. She took a minute to think, and then stated, “If I was in charge, I’d allow the students to break out into their own individual groups, where we would then have all of Wednesday off to ski wherever.” 

      Lily Doyle, a high school Junior, wants Ski P.E. to happen in its normality year. In the past, Lily has done snowboard P.E., along with her brother Owen. She stated that it would be unfortunate to cancel Ski P.E. entirely, since in the past, she’s had a super fun group of peers that she can ski with. Many students have an idea of what their ideal ski P.E. program would look like, and Lily is no different. She suggested that students should meet up on the mountain on Wednesdays where students could have the day to themselves to ski with specified groups. “I think that it would be ok for high schoolers to continue ski P.E with consideration to the pandemic. I think it will definitely be different but I think that we should try!” Student’s enthusiastic attitudes like Lily’s is what is driving the teachers to find a safe, and fun system to go forward with ski P.E for students (and teachers) alike. 

     Ally Tealdi, a junior at Telluride High School, has a different take. In high school, instead of the Ski P.E program, Ally has participated in art and yoga classes offered through the program. In middle school, she did the generic ski P.E program, but decided it was not for her. She stated, “I think it’s a fantastic opportunity and it’s nice that there are different options for the people that don’t ski.” When it comes to the uncertainty of what will happen this year regarding ski P.E, Ally said, “I hope it will happen but I don’t know how it will work. I think it’s a great experience and it gives the students a sense of normality in these weird times.” Her statements prove that even students who do not participate in Ski P.E appreciate the program and hope for the best this year, no matter how it ends up working out. Ally said it best, “it gives the students a sense of normality in these weird times.”

     Telski has additional insight about this year’s Ski P.E. program. An inside source at Telski has reported that the recent change in management has been a difficult adjustment.  There have been several changes made that may hamper Ski PE this year, but this source has hope that it will still happen and it will still be fun.

     Ski P.E is the highlight of the winter for many students in Telluride High School, and with the COVID-19 virus, it may or may not be a reality. Even though it’s uncertain, many teachers and Telski officials are working tirelessly to try to create a way for students to enjoy the ski P.E. program for just another safe and fun year.

Ski P.E. is on ongoing story. So stay tuned to THS Today for any updates!


[Edit: Since this article was written, the administrative decision was made about this year’s outcome of the Ski P.E program. It will not be happening this year.]