Affordable Tesla EV Could be Coming Soon!


     Recently, Tesla released new plans for an electric car that would cost 25,000 dollars. This poses the question: will more people be able to afford their carbon-free electric dream car and help the environment, or is this an empty promise? 

     On “Battery Day” Elon Musk’s live presentation of a new cheaper and longer-lasting battery, he announced more than just the battery. He teased us about the possibility of a fully-autonomous Tesla that would only cost $25,000 “in about three years’ time.” “it has been our dream to make an affordable electric car,” he said. 

     The main announcement was Tesla’s new larger cylindrical cells. It was claimed the new batteries would provide five times more energy, six times more power, and a 16% greater driving range. 

     Tesla’s approach includes integrating the battery so that it forms part of the structure of the vehicle, thereby reducing the significant weight of the battery. Elon also stated that they would begin manufacturing their own batteries, therefore reducing the amount of money they lose and making sure they have enough product in stock. This new battery greatly reduces waste, and there are many benefits from the precious battery. 

     On September 22nd, Tesla hosted its Battery Day event to promote the new battery’s coming. But unfortunately, it seems that big plans and high hopes were not enough. Stockholders seemed unconvinced that the new battery would meet their expectations. 

     The drop in stock prices may have also had to do with the lower price, typically, this would be a good thing, but Tesla has promised lower prices before, with a $35,000 Model 3, but that ended up going through “production hell.” The regular Model 3 now starts for $37,990, the long-range version starts at $46,990, and the performance version starts at $54,990. So you can see why people are a bit skeptical. 

     Elon also wishes to bring down the cost of battery packs. Usually, a battery pack for a Tesla costs 10-12 thousand dollars, but Tesla wants to bring the price down to $6,000. People would usually be excited, and I’m sure some still are, but with Tesla’s already mentioned record, people remain unsure.

     If these plans for the new car become a reality, more people will be able to afford a Tesla, and with more people in electric cars, the environment could benefit. 

     At the moment, cars and trucks are responsible for almost one-fifth of carbon emissions. They emit “around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases for every gallon of gas. About five pounds comes from the extraction, production, and delivery of the fuel, while the great bulk of heat-trapping emissions—more than 19 pounds per gallon—comes right out of a car’s tailpipe.” (UCSUSA)

     Electric vehicles have the potential to lower this percentage. If the energy that charges the car comes from a sustainable resource, like wind or solar, then it can be 100% sustainable. Teslas don’t emit harmful gasses to the environment as they drive, and they can convert around 59 to 62 percent of energy into power, where gas-powered vehicles can convert around 17 to 21 percent.

     Overall more people are starting to drive electric vehicles as they become more affordable which would lead to a more sustainable future. Tesla is well known for their innovations and plans. While in the past, their cars have been expensive and eye-catching, it seems they are making strides towards not only an economically inclusive future but a more sustainable one as well. Although there are skeptics Tesla’s announcement has brought about the possibility of more people with the ability to afford a Tesla.