Covid-19 Has Completely Changed Telluride’s Local Sports Community


Jocelyn Nieto

As Francesca runs to get a goal the rest of her team cheers her on.

Orion White and Jocelyn Nieto

     Covid-19 has changed the way telluride sports are being run and played. Covid-19 has impacted sports like girls club soccer and boys lacrosse. Boys lacrosse and girls soccer now have to wear masks while traveling and during practices; they also have to stay at a safe distance from each other. There have also been less practices due to the spike of Covid cases. We’ve talked to some lacrosse players and soccer players to get their opinion on it.

    In spite of the Covid virus, boys lacrosse and girls soccer are still being played this fall. The boys local lacrosse team, coached by Coach Silbs, went to Salt Lake City for a lacrosse tournament. Preparing for the tournament, Tate Young (Junior) said that the team was somewhat nervous since they would be playing teams from big schools from California and Alabama. South Livermore (Junior) was also nervous, but also confident that they were gonna do well. They played 4 games and won one game out of the 4 with a score of 12-1. Both Tate and South said that the defense played very well during the tournament. They were low on players which made it hard to play, since there weren’t many subs. A few players got hurt and South got “Totally rocked,” Tate said. These were their only games for the fall and they only have two practices left. 

Another sport going on right now is girls high school club soccer. The girls have gone through their season so far winning one game against Crested Butte, which is a big deal considering the history between the schools, tying two, and losing four. Telluride has lost to Crested Butte for a long time now, so for them to get this win is incredible. They are not super happy with how its gone. Covid has impacted attendance and practice. They are missing a couple of their upperclassmen players and haven’t had a lot of practice time compared to a normal season.

Ava Hagen (Junior) was excited to get a chance to play this fall but is even more excited for the spring season. Kaleigh (Junior) has been “pretty happy with the season so far.” Katie Almoney (Senior Captain) said, “I love this team. We have so many young players who are eager to play. Our Juniors and Seniors are the most dedicated players this team has ever seen. As captain, I’m very proud of the progress and successes our team has achieved this year.” The girls have one more game left playing New Castle.

     These two sport are only possible with masks, gloves, and staying at least 6-feet away. We have to ensure the safety of our players and their families. If a child gets sick while on the field, there could be major consequences regarding the team’s family and friends’ health. Moreover, not following Covid guidelines could cause our school to get shut down once more. Students would have to stay at home making school harder on them and their parents.

     Physical activity is extremely important, kids need to move around, exercise, and need a break from all of their school work. Physical activities also help with academics. Pushing kids to do better in school. Athletics also provide a break from the world of technology. Computers cause stress and stress is not good for any of us, so having a good break from all of it could really change a kids day. A little one or two hour sports break could relax a child’s brain, help them calm down and destress. All in all, sports have proven to be very beneficial and important. This is why we need to keep kids informed about maintaining Covid precautions, so we can maintain school and school sports.