The Effect Covid 19 has had on Substitutes

Tate Young and Joey Borup

     One of  COVID-19’s biggest impacts on our community has been on our school. School is currently all online at the Telluride Middle/High School, and one of the hardest things for the school has been trying to find substitutes for teachers who can’t go into school because they are more at risk of having serious symptoms to due particular health reasons. 

     As many students might remember from in-person school, there have been times where the teacher has to Zoom in from home to teach the class, due to them having been exposed to Covid or because they are at risk. In these situations, the school wants a sub in the class to supervise the kids. However, as some students may have noticed, there have been times where there are no substitute teachers in the class, and the fact is, there are simply not enough substitutes to fill in. Before Covid, maybe 3 or 4 teachers would be out at a time, but even in this case there was some sort of notice before, and it could be planned several days in advance. Now, with COVID, any amount of teachers could be out at a moment’s notice, and this leaves administrators scrambling to find substitutes.

     Schools have been in such a high demand for substitutes that they are reaching out to anyone, experienced or not. Even one of our fellow newspaper writers was reached out to by schools in nearby districts. He was not asked about his age or experience, just if he could sub, and what dates he was available. When students are contacted by districts to be potential subs, this shows just how desperate schools are for substitute teachers. Schools are trying to do anything and everything they can to have enough staff to make it a successful year. 

     Even though school can feel like a mess sometimes, we all have to keep in mind that school districts are doing the best they can. The amount of effort that schools are putting in to make sure that kids have a proper substitute proves how much they actually care about all the students. We are all very thankful for all that the Telluride School District has done to try and make this the best school year under the circumstances. Also, a thank you goes out to all the substitutes that are giving their time to help us and get us through the school year.