How Telluride Ski Resort Manages During The Pandemic


Courtesy of Josh King

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     The Covid pandemic has Telluride Ski Resort facing a challenging ski season. With limited lodging and restaurant capacity, the resort is expecting to see a decrease in revenue. However, although this is upsetting for the public, Telluride Ski Resort has opened for the season in hopes to generate a return to economic growth for the community.

      With that in mind, the resort has needed to follow certain guidelines created by the local and federal government. “The safety of our employees and guests is paramount to us.” said owner Chuck Horning.  Some of the new guidelines the resort has incorporated include mask mandates for both indoor and outdoor recreation areas, social distancing requirements, limiting offices and other indoor spaces to 10%, and closing locker rooms for guests. Fortunately, the health and safety guidelines implemented have been working in favor of the resort. Director of Human Resources for Telluride Ski Resort, Heather Young, has gone to say “ Thankfully, we have not seen much of an impact on the sport of skiing. Skiing is outdoors and naturally, lends itself to social distancing.” Additionally, the mountain operations team is currently working on creating snow in other areas in order to spread skiers out around the mountain.

     However, after analyzing the restriction, we spoke with Young about the negative outcomes the resort is having to cope with during the pandemic. She stated, “They have been felt more in other parts of the business such as food and beverage and ski school.” This comes to show how rough the economic output is going to be for the 2020-2021 season. With limited occupancy regulations and travel bans, fewer tourists have been available, which creates fewer opportunities to generate profit. Because of that, Telluride Ski Resort has embedded higher prices for passes throughout the season. 

     Nonetheless, Telluride Ski Resort is doing everything they can to support the wants and needs of customers, while fitting it to the guidelines in place by the state. Ms Young reminds us that,“We’ve had tough times before, and we remain committed to delivering a quality experience this winter too.” Despite that, with the Christmas season arriving and snow in the forecast, Telluride Ski Resort is hoping to expand its boundaries and continue to strive for success and sustainability.