Try Ice Fishing: You’ll be Hooked!

Try Ice Fishing: Youll be Hooked!

Noah Meilander, Writer


     Winter is here and ice fishing season has begun! What is ice fishing, you ask? It’s cutting a whole in a frozen lake and fishing through it. 

     Ice fishing can be really fun. When ice fishing, no matter how big or small the fish, is it is still fun! What?! You never went ice fishing before? It’s fun, easy, and gets you outdoors, and you get to catch fish! 

     I know it’s Winter, but don’t worry. You needn’t be cold.  When you ice fish you should always have an extra pair of close to stay warm.

     To ice fish you’ll need some essential clothing that you probably already have if you live in Colorado. You’ll need gloves, a warm jacket, snow pants and hat. Wear layers under your jacket. The sun may even get strong enough to have you shed some clothes. But if it’s really cold, you can also bring a pop up tent to stay warm. Add a portable heater, if you really want to get comfy.

     Now you’ll need some basic ice fishing equipment. First off, bring a comfy camping chair. Sitting and lounging is part of the fun. Next, is the fishing pole. An ice fishing pole is called a micro rod and it’s about a foot and a half long. The bait and hook when ice fishing are called jigs. Jigs are small “j” hooks with a colorful fish head and you can put either live or fake baits on them.

     Finally, you’ll need to cut a hole in the ice on the lake. You use a hand auger (or one day invest in a gas or electric auger) to twist and cut a circular hole in the ice. You can’t mess this part up. Hole the auger straight up and perpendicular, and start twisting. Your average ice thickness is about 6 inches, and you should have your hole cut in about 3-5 minutes. 

     Now you’re ready to fish!  You now can drop the jig in the water. There is a little trick you can with your line. Hold the line with your thumb and pointing finger and roll the line between your fingers, giving it a twist. Then let the line unravel. This makes the jig spin slowly in the water. The movement of the jig attracts the fish, making it more likely you’ll catch one.

Don’t be scared! Grab your micro rod and a friend and get right to it!