Staying Safe and Hitting Homeruns, The MLB’s New 2021 Season Guidelines


With the Major League Baseball season just around the corner, the season will go on as usual, but it will not look the same as a normal year. COVID-19 has changed a lot about how the MLB will work this season

To start the season each club will have to submit a written COVID-19 Action plan, after consulting their medical staff. Each club will travel and compete under strict guidelines, providing none of the members test positive for COVID-19.

For spring training, each player will be tested for COVID-19 every other day, and have a symptom screen at least twice daily. This will ensure the safety of the players, club members, and baseball fans come game day. In the event that a player tests positive they will be required to quarantine for 10 days. To come back to the field the player must test negative and pass a cardiac test that proves they will not infect other players.

While traveling, each club member and player must adhere to a strict code of conduct, to not endanger themselves or others. Should a player or club member contract COVID-19 at any point in the season, they will no longer be put on the club’s injured list for the remainder of the season. This will allow rookies and pros alike to play ball for the entirety of the season without being benched. This allows you to continue to root for your favorite players!

Assuring the health of a club’s members and players within each franchisee is a whole other task and the MLB’s top priority. Each club will be limited to a 26 person roster for both home and away games. In the event of a doubleheader being played, both games will be played as 7-inning games. As well as, games that go extra-innings will start every half-inning with a running second to speed up the game time and limit exposure.

The good part about all this; any player will be allowed to pitch, just as long as he is on the roster. The bad part; because of the new 6-foot physical distance rules, we will see fewer spirited brawls between players or coaches and umpires. In the event, we do see a quarrel between players or coaches and umpires, and the 6-foot distance is broken. We can expect to see fines and suspensions being passed out left and right. Overall, the 2021 MLB season will look different, but fun for the whole family.