37 CSGO Coaches Banned For Glitch Abuse

By: Ethan Pale

CSGO Team HardLegions Coach MechanoGun

CSGO Team HardLegion’s Coach ‘MechanoGun’

Ethan Pale, Author

     In late 2020, a dangerous glitch was discovered in the popular Esports game, Counter Strike:Global Offensive (CSGO).  CSGO is a game that involves two teams of five, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorists have to plant a bomb at one of two bomb sites on opposite sides of the map, while the Counter-Terrorists have to stop them. The discovered bug gave spectators who are mainly coaches unfair vantage points to see all of the map including enemy player locations. An Esports referee Michal Slowinski, who discovered and proved the bug exists says, “It could have been going on unnoticed for years.”.


Coaches have the ability to spectate their teammates, so they can help the players with callouts against the enemy team. The coaches can only follow a player on their team though, as not to give an unfair advantage. This can however be surpassed with the simple abuse of a small but dangerous bug, that can allow a spectator to get their view stuck on any point of the map. This way the coach can break the system that a spectator always has to follow a player on their team so they can give callouts on where the enemy team is, which would otherwise be impossible to gain therefore cheating the game.


     After the discovery of the glitch, with a small team, Michael led an investigation collecting over 15 Terabytes of footage from demos of tournaments that have been already played in 2020. It takes months of work to get through all the footage to detect foul play. There have been 37 coaches banned as of early 2021. The bug has even been used in the highest parts of competitive play, revealing famous teams, such as Kinguin, HardLegion, NAVI, and even FaZe Clan. All these teams have had coaches that took advantage of this cheating glitch.


     Most bans are under a year.  Although one stands out from the others: Hard Legion’s coach ‘MechanoGun’ was banned from coaching for 3 years due. According to Forbes, the Esports cheating glitch investigation is to be finalized and fully released to the public in October. Only time will tell what the effect of this bug will have on Esports and the Counter Strike community.