Connecting People Through Music During Pandemic

By: Maya Geiger, Nicole Esquivel, and Mya Walker

Scott Hiett Speaking

Scott Hiett Speaking

     Through the pandemic, connection with other people has proved to be difficult, leaving many to feel lonely and hopeless, confused as to how to meet new people in the most difficult of times. However, through the pandemic, many people have turned to new modes of spending time, one of which is music, allowing them an escape from reality and the unprecedented tragedies all around us. One student Scott Heitt, who has a strong passion for music which has strengthened through the pandemic, has even created a new app that allows you to connect with people all over the world through music called 

     Heitt, 17 years old, spends much of his free time writing code and listening to music and during a time of unprecedented isolation and unlimited free time. Heitt has been able to build on his two passions and create a new app that will allow you to connect to other people through music. His new app, allows you to match with people, based on Spotify profiles, who have similar music tastes as you. Then the app allows for you to chat with them and create new connections through a medium, music, that has become so integral within a period of isolation. 

     Heitt says, “From wherever you are, all across the world you can connect to others with the app.” Heitt has allowed people to connect with others through a new and unique way that encourages people to keep sane in a time where normal socialization was disrupted. Various people have expanded their search for socialization at home, increasing the use of throughout lockdown. 

    Through the app, TikTok, another app people have turned too during a period of tragedy and isolation, Heitt has been able to promote his new app,, making 15-60 second videos to encourage his followers “to meet people who have the same music taste as you.” 

     Throughout our lockdown, people have become increasingly reliant on music and other apps, searching for a form of escape from the reality that surrounds us. Through the creation of by Heitt, people have been able to connect with others though something that has become increasingly important in their lives: music.

     One user of the app, Katie McDermott states, “Since we’ve been in lockdown, it’s quite nice to speak with new people.” The app of has given both McDermott and thousands of other people from areas all over the world the opportunity to speak to people and make connections in a Pandemic world with limited socialization accessible, allowing people to form true and unique connections through music.